Wednesday, November 14, 2007

As this audience already knows...

"As this audience already knows, Christian reverence for the unborn child is no medieval development. It comes from the very beginnings of our faith. The early Church had no debates over politicians and communion. There wasn't any need. No persons who tolerated or promoted abortion would have dared to approach the Eucharistic table, let alone dared to call themselves true Christians. And here's why: The early Christians understood that they were the offspring of a new worldwide family of God. They saw the culture around them as a culture of death, a society that was slowly extinguishing itself. In fact, when you read early Christian literature, practices like adultery and abortion are often described as part of 'the way of death' or the 'way of the [devil].'"
~ Archbishop Charles Chaput, Church and State Today: What belongs to Caesar, and what doesn't, 10/26/07 ~